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Introduction to the New LoRa Alliance Chair, Donna Moore
Introduction letter from Donna Moore
LoRa Alliance™ Appoints Donna Moore as New CEO & Chair to Drive Global Certification and Adoption of the LoRaWAN™ Standard press release

Marketing Committee Announcement

Dear Members,

Within the Marketing Committee we have created working groups for 6 key target vertical markets this year to gain more visibility and traction for LoRaWAN™.  Each group has been driven by active members bringing their expertise and insight to our overall strategy and planning to deliver integrated marketing campaigns which comprise of many parts such as creation/promotion of new white papers, developing more use cases and customer testimonials, media and PR support, hosting webinars etc. 

One key component is having a LoRa Alliance (+member companies) presence at vertical specific trade shows and to ensure we have coverage in key regions.


LoRa Alliance Smart Building working group (WG) has approved participation in the following shows for 2019.  In all cases, the WG is looking for members to partner and bring demonstrations to the events of full end-to-end solutions, not individual components which comprise a LoRaWAN network. The solution can be presented by a single member company or a collaboration between several members. The target audience we are trying to reach are not networking-centric people.  They are Facility Management companies and Systems Integrators who count FM’s as their customers.

The LoRa Alliance will be contributing the vast majority of financial/resource support for these events, including project management e.g booking the space and planning/building the booth or organizing any of the on-site events.

For a nominal financial contribution (set very low to make it inclusive for all members whatever your level/size) participating member companies partnering with us for the event will receive the benefits of participating at the show for a fraction of the cost as well as benefiting from the LoRa Alliance wider marketing campaign, customer leads, visibility and PR. Not all of the events/activities require a financial contribution - content is key throughout.

We are looking for 3-4 solutions in the Smart Building vertical for each of the following shows.  The Smart Building WG will be involved in the review of applications to participate and selection of those that best address the objectives of the show. 

National Facilities Management & Technology - https://www.nfmt.com/baltimore/

Date:      26-28 March in Baltimore, MD USA
Facts:     5K+ attendees
Partner Contribution: $2500*

Intelligent Building Systems - http://ibs-event.com/

Date:      2-3 October in Paris, France
Facts:     7K+ attendees
Partner Contribution: $2500*

CITE, Shenzhenhttp://www.citexpo.org/en/indexfi.aspx  (pending identification of Chinese lead)

Date:      April 9-11 in Shenzhen, China
Facts:     100K+ attendees
Contact us if you are interested in partnering on this show

Sido Lyon - https://www.sido-event.com/en/

Date:      10-11 April in Lyon, France
Facts:     10K+ Visitors, 400 Exhibitors
Other Verticals featured at the show: Logistics, Smart City, Smart Ag

Contact us if you are interested in partnering on this show on a workshop or presentation for more details.

The most immediate need is to receive requests for participation in the NFMT show in Baltimore. The deadline for applications is 5:00pm (PST) on Monday February, 18 2019.  If you are interested in participating, please submit a description of your proposed demonstration. Please provide as much information as possible keeping in mind we are seeking full end to end solutions including the application layer and analytics.

Email your submissions to marcom@lora-alliance.com

In addition, we would like to know which member companies are already planning to exhibit at any of these events so that we can cross promote the ecosystem. 

*Should we receive more applications than we have booth space available, each will be evaluated by the Marketing Committee Leadership team and the strongest solutions will be selected. All applicants will receive a notification when selection has been finalised.

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